IGNOU Handwritten Assignments

IGNOU Handwritten Assignment

Ignou Handwritten Assignment

Ignou handwritten assignment are essential for Ignou students, for achieving higher marks in examinations. Handwritten assignments carry 30 % of the total marks in the examination. For making higher scores in the Ignou exam, collect handwritten assignments from Ignou.net.in.
We understand the value of Ignou students and try to help students achieve their targets. On 12th April 2020, Ignou announced that submission of scanned copies of handwritten assignments should be done by learners through email to RCs .

Ignou Handwritten Assignment

This notification shows the priority of Ignou handwritten assignment in Ignou. Some students asked us How to write handwritten assignments And what tips are to be followed to write written assignments. So some of the essential tips that are to be remembered while writing the assignments are:-

1. The opening Keep this in mind when you write, the opening should be electrifying and exciting so that the reader continues reading.

2. Stick to the topic If you are talking about English, stick to English and do not deviate to Hindi, unless you need to.

3. Do not use bombastic words There are some peoples who think the bigger or more ‘bombastic’ the words, the better the sentence. Remember, no one wants to read your article with a dictionary beside them. The use of new different words does add color to your piece, but only if used effectively and where necessary.

4. Type of paper Assignments should be written on blank A4 sized paper . do not use ruled papers for writing your assignments.

5. Ink color Make sure to use black or blue color inked pens for writing the assignments.

6. Writing Style While writing the assignments, you should maintain an equal distance between two paragraphs and straight lines.

7. Neatness Assignments should be written near and cleanly. Avoid using too many quotes.

8. Spellings There should be no spelling mistakes.

9. Mind your grammar Be careful when using tense. There should be no grammatical mistakes ( After writing the assignments, if you have any doubts regarding spelling or grammar, you can check it through “ Grammarly ”or “ Google” ).

10. Ignou assignment front page The form in the Ignou assignment front page should be filled properly.

11. Memorable ending

Like the opening, the ending, too, must be special and exciting. Have a definite end, Your article too should leave a lingering taste with the reader.

Our Ignou handwritten assignments are written by caligraphy experts so that students can score the maximum number in examinations.
Other than English, we write assignments on ten different Indian regional languages. For example - Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, and many more so, that students with different languages can use our assignments.
After getting our students to request for assignments, we get it done by our calligrapher experts and get it checked by our expert teachers and scan it and deliver it to our students.
We don't compromise with the quality of the assignments, that's why it takes almost 10 – 15 days to get it ready.
If you are interested in getting our assignment please contact to [email protected] or fill the form given below and submit.
Read more about IGNOU Handwritten AssignmentVisit ignoudocs.com!

Handwritten Assignment sample copy

Ignou Handwritten Assignment
Ignou Handwritten Assignment

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